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 Birman kittens and adults are intelligent and playful and love to interact with their humans.   They will be highly interested in everything you do around the house and they love to sit on your lap or next to you when you're relaxing.  While they love attention, they can also keep themselves and their feline housemates entertained as well.  Their silky, soft coats are generally non-matting and easy to maintain.  I believe that good socialization is important and so my kittens are raised as much as possible "in the lap and underfoot." I place a high emphasis on breeding not only beautiful Birmans, but also kittens with excellent health and temperaments.

** Nursery News **

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I expect to have more kittens Spring/Summer 2018. Please check back for updates. Thank you!


Purchasing a Kitten

I may post above in my Nursery News section when I have kittens available to reserve or sometimes for immediate sale. If you are willing to wait for a kitten, please email for an adoption application or call to discuss. For kittens that are too young to leave yet, a non-refundable deposit is required to hold the kitten you have selected until your kitten is ready to go.  A kitten is not considered to be reserved until I have received the deposit.  Purchasers will be required to sign a spay/neuter agreement for pet kittens and this agreement also includes a health guarantee.  Kittens will receive their "distemper" vaccines prior to placement.

Shari Reynolds

(919) 749-1386

~ Located in the Raleigh area of North Carolina ~



Kitten pictures from past litters

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"Buds become roses, kittens become cats."

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