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 I began the hobby of showing my Birmans with my very first seal point Birman female, who received her Champion title at the first show I attended.  Despite the rigors of preparing for and traveling to cat shows, I immediately became hooked on showing after an enjoyable first experience!  Showing my Birmans has helped me connect to a community of Birman breeders, a vital source of information about bloodlines, health issues, Birman rescue and many other topics.

One of the fun traditions USA Birman exhibitors have involves the way we name our show cats.  We begin their names with a particular letter of the alphabet, according to the year in which the cat was born.  Each year, we go to the next letter of the alphabet.  For example, the year 2017 was the letter "O" and in 2018 we will begin our breeding and show cats' names with the letter "P."  Cats that I have acquired from non-USA breeders may be using a different naming system. Many pet owners also use this convention when registering their Birmans, although it's not required.

I generally show my cats in CFA, although I may occasionally go to a local TICA show. Points and titles are earned separately in each association. In CFA cat shows, the cats compete in the kitten class starting at four months of age.  When they are eight months old, they begin competition in the adult classes.  Following is a picture of one of my show cats, as a kitten.  He is being presented for a finals award by a CFA judge.  This show was particularly memorable for me, because it was the first time one of my cats made every final from all of the judges at the show!


Topi at a show

A CFA judge presenting Silkencats Utopia. [June 1997]

A few of my show cats...

GRC Spellbound Oz Odyssey of Silkencats


Ossey, my newest Grand Champion, achieved his title at the Cat Club of the Palm Beaches show in Sanford, FL on October 15, 2017 at just 8 months of age. He had a whirlwind of a show career and we put on a lot of miles traveling first up to Maryland, then to Pennsylvania, and finally to Florida. Along the way he picked up multiple Best Allbreed Champion awards as well as top ten finals and other awards. This sweetheart of a boy is a direct Australian import, and I am so excited to have him as my new breeding sire!


GRC Silkencats Keep The Moment


Keifer, a seal point male, earned his Grand Champion title at the Southeastern Persian Society & GEMS show in Richmond, VA on July 26, 2014. He was also Second Best Seal Point Birman in CFA's Southern Region for 2013-2014. Keifer has gorgeous deep blue eyes and a fabulous head type. This boy is such a cuddler with a very sweet nature, evident in both the showhalls and at home, and he is now passing on those great qualities to his offspring!


CH Cheers Beauty's Tintarella Di Luna


Tinta earned her Champion title at the Dixieland Silver & Goldens show in Charlotte, NC on December 9, 2012. She is an irresistibly adorable Lilac-cream point girl, and I'm thrilled to have her! Tinta made a long journey all the way from Italy (accompanied by me) to join my household and breeding program. This is a dream come true for me, and I can't thank Daniela Guermandi enough for this precious girl!



GRC Silkencats Independence

I had a lot of fun showing Indy, a seal point male of my own breeding, born in 2011. Indy achieved his Grand Champion title at just 8 months of age, on February 11, 2012 at the Carolina Sophisticats show in Concord, NC. He picked up well over the 200 points needed on his way to granding, earning two Best Allbreed Champion awards, a Third Best Allbreed Champion Award, a Top-Ten final (7th Best Cat) award, and several Longhair Champion awards. This beautiful, big boy with his flowing coat and sweet personality is an absolute pleasure to show and groom!


GRC Russpurrz Zophianna of Silkencats

My beautiful blue point female Zophia achieved her Grand Championship at the Southern Dixie show in Richmond, VA on October 26, 2003 at only 10 months of age. Zophia started her adult show career by first getting her Champion title at the Tropical Cats show in Deland, Florida.  I was absolutely thrilled when she was awarded a 10th Best Cat and Best Longhair Champion the following weekend at the Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers' show in Medina, Ohio.

At her next show in Winston-Salem, NC she was awarded a 3rd Best Cat and Best Longhair Champion!  Being a little tired from all the traveling, we took a month off and then went all the way to Kentucky where Zophia made two finals at the Roses For Felines show.  She then "granded" in style at her next show, picking up four finals which included a Best Allbreed Champion and a 3rd Best Allbreed Champion!

Following is a picture of Expy, one of my favorite showcats.  Expy achieved his "Grand" title at the Huntsville show in Alabama on July 29, 2001.  Expy is an extremely sweet boy and he was always the perfect gentleman in the show ring--a real joy to show!   Most often the judges would comment on his incredibly expressive, deep blue eyes and perfect Roman nose.  Following is a picture of him lounging at his benching area at a show.  To see another picture of him that really shows off his eyes, take a look in my Cattery History section (or click here).

Expy at a show

GRP Silkencats Xperience The Moment


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