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My Cattery History (Page 2)

After yet another outcross, I was very happy to produce two fantastically sweet-natured boys, Walker and Whiskie. They are littermates, and again I found myself in a position of not being able to decide between the two, and so both boys joined the breeding program and sired wonderful kittens for me for several years.  Walker was such an easy boy to show; he would "make biscuits" for the judges, even when they were holding him up in the air!


CH Silkencats Walk This Way

Seal point male


Following is a picture of Whiskie, shortly after being neutered and retired from breeding. Such a gorgeous head type, large, long and stocky body and deep blue eyes!

Sire: CH Hennessey de Perle D'or of Bleustone

Dam: CH Silkencats Udora


Silkencats Whiskers In The Night

Seal point male

pretty flowers


Here is my gorgeous Lila, who is also featured in my Home Page banner.  She is a very photogenic girl with her large deep blue eyes and striking seal point coloring. Unfortunately motherhood was not for her--after several failed breeding attempts (and many photos!)--she was altered and retired to live with her new family.

 Silkencats What I Like About You

Seal point female

This is Expy, a sweetheart of a boy, truly an angel in the show ring and at home.  I have him featured on my "Show Scene" page, and with those big, mesmerizing, deep blue eyes, need I say more?



GRP Silkencats Xperience The Moment

Seal point male



This is my precious Zinnia, a daughter of Walker's.  I kept back Zinnia's daughter, Camellia, to carry forward the line as she is out of another new outcross.

CH Silkencats Zinnia

Seal point female

And a couple more pictures....


Silkencats Z'Moment

Seal point male

Zemo is another very typey boy, with nice size, perfect markings, and excellent coloring. He is a neuter, but certainly could have been kept in the breeding program!


....And just when you thought you wouldn't see any more blues!

     Silkencats Audrey      

Blue point female       


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